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Maybe you've met her before? She's your go to for EVERYTHING. And I bet she's super happy I am writing this all out in stone. Realistically, no...You don't go to Heather for everything, she's one busy lady! BUT never hesitate to reach out to her for anything you may need, clarification, or support. 

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Maggie Laurin

  • Marketing & Advertising Q's
  • Quarterly Plans details
  • Promotions details
  • Website Q's
  • RayneCloud & Brayneiac Q's

Mary Ann Zamora Grepe

  • Quality Control Issues

  • Continuing Education Q's (CE Credits)

  • Consumer Complaints

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Heather Alexander

  • Healthy Reduction MCS Coaching Q's



    Allison Rice

    • Shipping materials
    • Lunch-n-Learn followups
    • Case Consult followups
    • New clinic followups
    • Diet Reco. followups
    • Diet trial followups
    • Backorder Q's
    • Recall Q's
    • Info Package Q's
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    Carrie Skeels

    • Event Q's & Requests


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    Tosha Donkersgoed

    • Custom poster requests
    • Custom signage requests
    • Marketing material Q's
    • Website content Q's
    • Social Media Q's
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    Nick Norbury

    • Email problems
    • IT support
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    Elaine Price

    • Company cell phone Q's


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    Greg Bellefontaine

    • Customer Service (where to buy, how to do returns, return policy)
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    Jennifer Tuach

    • Monthly focus Q's
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    Tessa Robertson

    • Expense Q's
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    Dr. Sandy Valverde

    • Medical Answers