September 6th, 2019


January 7, 2019

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While we have had some recent growing pains in the distribution of our products, we
continue to believe in providing the highest quality whole food nutrition to dogs and cats. With this in mind, after listening to clinics and pet owners and working with a variety of experts, we are making some changes to our wet diets.  As part of our commitment to integrity and transparency, we are providing this update on the following changes:

•The Canine Growth/Sensitive GI wet diet has a different protein source:

• Now contains turkey rather than pork, the same protein source as the dry diet.

•Adjustments have been made to diets to meet the AAFCO 2018 nutrient requirement recommendations.

• Marine microalgae, a unique vegetable source of EPA/DHA, is being used instead of
fish oil in Rayne diets, with the following benefits:

• Reduces the chance of protein contamination for very sensitive food allergic pets. 

• In the Healthy Reduction-MCS dry diet, the EPA/DHA levels have increased without altering fat content or caloric density

• Feline wet food containers – an exciting change!

• Will now be in cans instead of the foil-topped tins, which should help to eliminate  issues with broken seals from transport.

• All canned foods will be now be produced by a trusted facility in the United States, which has already been producing
some of our novel protein diets.

• Changes in can sizes:

• Canine wet diets – new cans will be 369g vs current cans at 400g   

• Feline wet diets – new cans will be 156g cans vs the current trays at 100g  

• We will be adjusting the feeding amounts/guidelines accordingly

• Changes in appearance, texture or consistency of wet diets made in North America
may be seen when compared to the previous diets made in Australia:

• The new manufacturing facility may use different temperatures at mixing and filling  
than the previous facility, which are the main reasons for changes in texture or colour
and also for the improvement in consistency.

Note: some pets may initially reject the new diet because of the differences and owners may have questions about the difference in appearance. Please consider reaching out to your clients who are feeding their pets Rayne wet diets to let them know that when they are ordering new food, they should allow for the proper transition time to the new diet. 

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact your Rayne representative or contact customer service at or at 855-850-1410.

November 19, 2018

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Greeting Rayne Prescribers,

We’re writing to you to update you on Rayne Clinical Nutrition Product Availability. 

Our distributor, Pacific Veterinary Services (PVS) made a sudden decision to not replenish their inventory from Rayne and as a result there has been a spike in back ordered items from PVS.  In order to fix Rayne’s out of stock and service problems from PVS, we’ve been working diligently to rectify any PVS back ordered items to the Buying Groups. We apologize for any confusion, the coordination for inventory management between PVS and Rayne has not been well communicated. 

The Buying groups are still rightly ordering from PVS and then for the PVS back-ordered items the buying groups are ordering directly from Rayne. We have been balancing our inventory production to accommodate the inventory levels currently still available to be purchased from PVS. Inventory will be arriving at our warehouse on a regular basis to ensure our full product line is always available. 

The back-orders from PVS may have been misunderstood to mean they are also out of stock for Rayne Canada in general. Apart from a few items currently in production, this is false information. Hospitals can order from their Buying Group as per usual, and Rayne will fulfill Buying Group orders for items that PVS does not have available.  

Rayne has stock in our warehouse and Rayne’s production facilities, have no manufacturing issues and indeed Rayne has plentiful supply of product to service the growth of our product. We expect the co-ordination issues to be resolved shortly.

A few items are temporarily not available through PVS or Rayne; here is the status and ETA on these 4 items. (Please note these items represent less than 3% of our overall sales volume)

1. Healthy Reduction-MCS 3kg – We have a shipment arriving at our
warehouse on November 27 and again on December, 3. Note large
bags are currently in plentiful supply. 

2. Rayne Feline Rabbit 3kg –Product will be available at the Rayne
Canada warehouse on December 15th. Note: We shipped available stock
direct to some buying groups from our Rayne USA inventories, so some
bags can be sourced. 

3.  Sensitive GI Revive Feline/Canine 400g - Product will be available in
  the Rayne Canada warehouse by mid- January 2019.  

4. Crocodilia wet canned food, Alligator Treats and Canine Crocodilia
Maintenance Dry- As has been previously communicated, we are
working through a border documentation issue related to new USA
export regulations. Crocodilia will be available at the Rayne Canada
warehouse by February 2019.  Our nutrition team has recommended
alternative diets that are also available. 

Again, we apologize for any confusion that the PVS communication of out of stock has created. Rayne has sufficient inventory and we are shipping to the Buying Groups on a weekly basis.  Our Rayne team is dedicated to the health and welfare of all the pets currently on Rayne diets, and we understand how important it is for product to be available. If you have any questions or we can be of service, please contact us.  

We appreciate your business, 


Catherine Forrester
General Manager 
Rayne Clinical Nutrition Canada

October 29, 2018

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June 14, 2018

Taurine Deficiency Induced Dilated Cardiomyopathy.  (Click on image to open a printable PDF).  (FRANCAIS)

Taurine Deficiency Induced Dilated CardioMyopathy in Golden Retrievers

Taurine Deficiency Induced Dilated CardioMyopathy in Golden Retrievers

February 26, 2018

click image for a downloadable / printable PDF.    (Francais)

The primary philosophy of Rayne Clinical Nutrition is to bring simple, natural, whole food products to the veterinary market. Working with whole food ingredients is more challenging, but we are determined NOT to compromise our philosophy.

WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH YOUR BEST BUD’S JERKY? of the things that makes our jerky treats so healthy and versatile – and useful even with dogs and cats with severe allergies – is that they are VERY simple ingredient. Every jerky has the same ingredients, 99% meat and 1% molasses and sea salt (and two natural preservatives). The molasses give the jerky a great texture and mean you can tear the treats into tiny pieces appropriate for kitties or for training, etc. The sea salt is part of the preservation process to ensure a safe, long lasting treat WITHOUT using any chemicals.

Very often you will see ingredients like ‘propylene glycol’ in pet treats (and human food!). This chemical emulsifier helps preserve the treat and will keep salt from leeching out and becoming visible. Although this is safe and effective, it does not meet with our philosophy of natural, simple, healthy products.

There are times that you will see visible “salt leeching” in your Rayne jerky treats, it will appear as a white residue on the surface of the treat. This can be after the treat has gone through different temperatures (for example while in transit to your veterinary practice) or can just happen over time. This absolutely DOES NOT represent any health risk to your dog or your cat. Every single batch of jerky goes through extensive testing before it is released into the market. We know that every piece of every batch is safe, tested, healthy, and delicious!

We take the responsibility of being part of the medical management of patients in veterinary practices across Canada very seriously. We make these treats with the highest attention to quality and safety for your pets, and for ours. We feed these treats to our pets, every day. After all, we are pet owners, too.

If you ever have any concerns or questions – reach out to us at
We want to hear from you and hear about your pets!


Heather Parsons
Rayne Clinical Nutrition Canada 

January 3, 2018



Great news! As you likely remember, back in April 2017, our Canine Low Fat Kangaroo-Maint Wet was slightly out of the range of our typical key paramaters. That production run was a bit higher in calcium, phosphorus, and fat than usual. That being said, it was still 100% SAFE and met AAFCO standards.

We are thrilled to announce that the lot numbers affected by this are now out of production and the product you know, love, and trust is back on spec ready to help out your canine patients. Especially those with fat intolerant patients!

There were ZERO ingredient changes to get us back to our regular key paramaters. 

Please do not hesitate to call or email with any questions or concerns!

October 29, 2017

The Whole Story on Whole Foods!

Rayne diets are primarily made with whole food, less processed ingredients. Each individual bag or can of Rayne food looks distinctly different from the others: the texture, colour, and consistency reflect the individual ingredients that have gone in. Using whole food ingredients means there is more variability in appearance from batch to batch. Whole food ingredients vary in colour, texture, consistency, and density, just like when you cook at home. 

The experts on our Rayne manufacturing teams ensure that all of our incoming ingredients undergo extensive testing, right through production. Additionally, comprehensive in-house AND 3rd party (independent) analysis is done on each and every finished Rayne product to ensure we are delivering consistent and precise nutrition with each bag or can. 

This extreme dedication to quality and safety means each and every kibble and spoonful of wet food has been extensively tested for quality and safety before you feed it to your pet. 

Although our manufacturing team works very hard to minimize any changes, we expect to see variation in colour and size of kibble, as well as in colour, texture, and density of wet food. This is a reflection of the natural, whole food ingredients, and represents no concern for quality, safety OR nutritional precision. 

No two vegetables or fruits look exactly alike. Whole foods ingredients are just real food!

No two vegetables or fruits look exactly alike. Whole foods ingredients are just real food!

Rayne Rewards Sweet Potato Crunch

Rayne Rewards Sweet Potato Crunch

September 1, 2017

New Treats are now Available

Give your dog something to really chew on. 

Introducing the newest addition to our lineup of simple ingredient treats: Sweet Potato Crunch!

We aren’t kidding when we say the ingredients are super simple, either: sweet potato & citrus fibre.
That’s it, that’s all!

They are made in Ontario out of local ingredients by a team that is 100% committed to producing the safest, highest quality treats! 

Ask your veterinary team for these great crunchy treats today. 

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Speak with your veterinarian before feeding this diet.

Speak with your veterinarian before feeding this diet.

Working with whole food ingredients can be challenging. The coming lot of wet K9 Low Fat Kangaroo-MAINT, best before February 2019, has had some shifts in key parameters.

What has changed:

• Fat content has increased to a moderate level of 36g/1000 kcal. This is similar to Rayne Growth/Sensitive-GI wet and Rayne Crocodilia-MAINT wet.

• Phosphorus levels have increased to 4g/1000 kcal. This level remains below AAFCO maximum levels for maintenance in healthy pets.

• Calcium Levels have increased to 5.75g/1000 kcal. This level remains below AAFCO maximum levels for maintenance in healthy pets.

• Carbohydrate levels (CHO-NFE) have declined to 96g/1000kcal.

• Calories have decreased from 302 to 285 kcal/400g can.

What has not changed:

• Novel Protein Kangaroo - similar levels

• Identical limited Carbohydrate sources

• Identical Fat and Fiber sources

• Sodium - same levels

Percentage of Metabolizable Energy:

Protein: 35.6%
Fat: 30.6%
CHO: 33.6%

Low Fat Kangaroo-MAINT Wet with the best before 1 Feb 2019 are temporarily not suitable for:

•  Fat Intolerance - note this may be case dependent

•  All IRIS stages of Renal Disease

Alternative wet diet options for patients with fat intolerance (listed in increasing order of fat):

1.  Royal Canin Gastro-intestinal Low Fat wet (18.1g/1000 kcal)  

2. Hill’s i/d Low Fat wet (23g/1000 kcal)

3. Purina Enteric Low Fat wet (23.8g/1000 kcal)

4. Hill’s i/d Low Fat chicken stew wet (26g/1000 kcal)

5. Hill’s g/d wet (29g/1000 kcal) and Hill’s r/d wet (29g/1000 kcal)

6. Rayne Healthy Reduction wet (29.9g/1000 kcal)


Alternative wet diet options for patients with variable fat intolerance and allergies (listed in increasing order of fat):

1.  Royal Canin Low Fat wet (18.1g/1000 kcal and protein source = pork)

2.  Rayne Healthy Reduction wet (29.9g/1000 kcal, protein source =

3.  Royal Canin Vegetarian wet (32.2g/1000 kcal and protein
     source = vegetable oats/potato)


Alternative diet options for patients with allergies and urolithiasis (note additional recommendations can be made on case by case basis depending on type of stone - i.e. CaOx or Struvite):


1.  Rayne Adult Health RSS wet (protein source Pork - RSS testing)

2.  Royal Canin Urinary + Hydrolyzed dry (Soy hydrolysate - RSS testing)


Alternative diet options for patients with allergies requiring lower phosphorus levels for patients requiring lower phosphorus levels (<2g/1000 kcal) for early renal disease (IRIS stage 1 & 2):

1.   Rayne Crocodilia-MAINT-wet and dry. (Protein 57g/1000 kcal, Phosphorus    
     1.4g/1000 kcal, Protein source - Alligator)

2.  Royal Canin Vegetarian wet (Protein 80.5g/1000 kcal, and Phosphorus
     1.8g/1000 kcal and dry Protein 52.7g/1000 kcal and 1.5g/1000 kcal
     Phosphorus. Protein Source - Oats/Potato)

3.  Hill’s d/d dry and wet diets (Protein level 44-47g/1000 kcal Phosphorus
     1.42 -1.77g/1000 kcal, Protein sources dry- Venison/Salmon/duck)

4.  Hill’s z/d dry and wet diet. (Protein level 49g/1000 kcal dry and
     52g/1000 kcal wet, Phosphorus 1.51 g/1000 kcal dry and 1.37g/1000 kcal  
     wet, Protein - Hydrolyzed Chicken)

5.  Royal Canin Renal Support Hydrolyzed Protein - dry (Protein
     34.3g/1000 kcal, Phosphorus .5g/1000 kcal, Protein source - Hydrolyzed

Alternative diet options for patients with allergies/early IRIS renal disease (as noted above) and variable fat intolerance:

1.  Royal Canin Vegetarian dry (Fat Protein 27.7g/1000 kcal, Phosphorus 1.5g/
    1000kcal, Protein source- vegetable protein: oats/potato)

2.  Rayne Crocodilia-MAINT dry (Fat 32.5g/1000 kcal, Phosphorus       
     1.42g/1000 kcal. Protein source- Alligator)


The best before date is February 2019.

There has been absolutely no change to The Low Fat Kangaroo Maint. kibble.  

If needing to transition to a new diet, please do so over 5 -7 days to minimize any risk of gastrointestinal upset.

Please do not hesitate to call or email with any questions or concerns regarding ongoing use of Rayne Low Fat Kangaroo-MAINT wet diet.

Phone: 1-855-850-1410

Disclaimer: Alternate company diet key parameters have been obtained from the most recently available company product guide. Please double check with your corresponding representative if you have concerns.


Colouring Contest!

April 12, 2017

We are thrilled to offer a fun opportunity for all the kids out there who's pets are enjoying Rayne Clinical Nutrition.  Download the colouring sheet HERE! Then email us your entry (a photo of or scanned in) or post to our Facebook page , Twitter, or Instagram feed using the hashtag #RayneStar


Rayne Clinical Nutrition Colouring contest

Grand prize is a custom stuffed animal form Petsies! They make stuffed animals made to look JUST LIKE your pet! How cool?! So cool. 

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April 11, 2017

Rayne Clinical Nutrition Alligator diet


February 21, 2017

Crocodilia-Maint Rayne Clinical Nutrition

We are always working to improve the lives of our pets.

We have officially launched our Crocodilia line with - you guessed it - alligator as the protein source. Alligator is an extremely novel protein. Using a unique protein eliminates  any risk of cross reactivity with other proteins available in the market. Crocodilia-MAINT has the addition of other unique ingredients; Algae meal to provide Omega 3 fatty acids, Coconut oil for Omega 6 fatty acids, and FOS to deliver a prebiotic.

We are thrilled to offer:


  • Crocodilia-MAINT dry

  • Crocodilia-MAINT wet

  • Crocodilia-DIAG wet


  • Rayne Rewards S.I.T. Alligator jerky


September 2016

We want to offer those pets with sensitivities
more options. With the addition of Canine Rabbit-MAINT wet and Canine/Feline Rabbit-DIAG we do just that.

With these two new diets, our rabbit line up is continuing to grow.  Rayne has the only comprehensive line of wet food, dry food,  and treats to help manage allergies.

Rayne Rabbit Diets

• Rabbit-MAINT (dry)
• *NEW* Rabbit-MAINT (wet)

• Rabbit-MAINT (dry)

Canine & Feline
• *NEW* Rabbit-DIAG
• Rabbit Rayne Rewards S.I.T. Jerky


August 2016

Rayne Healthy Reduction-MCS diet

We are very excited for our newest diet to add to the Rayne line-up. Suitable for weight management and joint health, Healthy Reduction-MCS is finally here. 

We believe in developing diets with multiple indications. We will always bring you less diets that do more; for your patients with multiple conditions and/or predispositions, and to respect your inventory space.Formulated with high quality ingredients like turkey and salmon oil, Healthy
Reduction-MCSTM helps maintain a great weight and lean muscle.

Turkey, provides a balanced level of essential amino acids and is a good source of micronutrients.

Salmon oil is an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA, DHA, and DPA) which help maintain healthy joints.


July 18, 2016

Canine Rabbit Diet options

 We want to offer those pets with sensitivities more options. With the addition of Canine
Rabbit-MAINT wet and Canine/Feline Rabbit-DIAG we do just that. 

Feline Rabbit diet options

With these two new diets, our rabbit line up is continuing to grow. Rayne has the only comprehensive line of wet food, dry food, and treats to help manage allergies.

UNified packaging! 3KG bags!

May 3, 2016

Rayne Canine Diets
Rayne Feline Diets

As a completely veterinary exclusive company, we will always be responsive to the veterinary market. We have had some great feedback about our size offerings. To simplify things, we will be transitioning from having a 2 and 4 kg size to one, unified 3 kg size. The price of the 3 kg represents a blend between the 2 and 4 kg cost/kg to ensure a fair and consistent price to the market. This will also be the launch of our NEW look for the small sizes. The changes in names and look also came directly from market feedback. We are thrilled to be able to respond to what you want to see in both our product names and package design. The first diet to transition will be the K9 Low Fat Kangaroo-MAINT (previously named Low Fat/Novel Protein-KSP). Please note that there are NO ingredient changes from the current formula. The remainder of the diets will transition over the coming months, beginning with K9 Rabbit-MAINT (previously named Novel Protein-RSP), K9 Growth/Sensitive-GI (previously named Sensitive-GI), and K9 Adult Health-RSS (previously named Urinary Protection-RSS). Feline diets will follow shortly after. Please continue to share your feedback! We want to work with you to bring the best offering to veterinary nutrition in Canada. 


December 18, 2015

Rayne Restrict- CKD diet

Know of dogs suffering with chronic Kidney Disease? Liver failure? Severe proteinuria? We have the ideal diet. An incredible diet targeted to meet the needs of this challenging patient group.

Restrict - CKD Canine wet diet is a phosphorus and protein restricted diet
with highly digestible ingredients and excellent palatability to support dogs with renal disease IRIS stage 2-4, dogs with liver failure, and dogs with severe proteinuria. 

Remember you can contact us at or 1-855-850-1410